Swimming Pool

The relaxing waters of our pool will replenish and rejuvenate you

The cool and gushing waters of our swimming pools will make your stay at Hotel Teja Garden exceptional.

Our customers simply love to spend some quality time there. Its also an ideal location for parties with a special pool is also there for your little ones to accompany you and have fun.

The Teja Garden is known for its swimming pools for 15 years now. The clear and cool water will make you crave to jump and swim in it.

Teja Lawns

We bring colours to your special occasions

The landscaped lawn of the Teja Garden has hosted innumerable glamour mega events. For Royal Wedding ceremonies there isn’t a more auspicious venue than Hotel Teja Garden. Our banquet lawn is a perfect decorative location for wedding planners, family occasions, ceremonies, & party organizer.We have trained staff to look for the proper arrangements and their perfect execution.

With the passage of time, experience & your confidence in our hospitality, we are able to reach to this ranking. We feel proud to maintain satisfaction & loyalty in our customers since 1997